How Ad Credits Work

100% of your ad credit budget is used to power the paid ads programs within Marketing 360™ in order to fuel your paid search advertising. These credits are used for...

Media buy
In order to do paid advertising, you have to have funds allocated for paid placement on the channels you wish to run ads on (ex. Google, Facebook, Digitial Billboards, Etc). You bid against your competitors for ad placement and only pay when your ads are run.
Ad design
To have a successful ad campaign strong ad designs and landing page designs are extremely important. All your design needs are included as part of your Ad Credit budget (with the exception of video ads, which Creative Time can be used for).
Conversion rate optimization
The key to any campaign is driving quality conversions. The more conversions generated from your budget, the higher the return on investment. Therefore, it's essential that you invest in gaining and maintaining a higher conversion rate.
Ad management
There are hundreds of different things within a campaign that should be consistently optimized in order to maximize your budget. Having your campaign managed by a certified expert saves you time and money... plus, generates the highest return on investment.

In order to maximize your...

Being highly visible across the digital ad channels your prospects spend most of their time is key to your success. If you're not investing in dominating those channels when prospects are looking, you're losing sales to your competitors. Thus, it's key to have enough budget allocated for media buy in order to insure you have high visibility.
Being highly visible is only part of the battle. To be successful, you also need to have a high clickability on your ads, meaning prospects are motivated to click your ad over your competitor's ads. This will also help generate more brand awareness and engagement which will result in more sales.
Finally, being highly visible and highly clickable does you zero good without a high convertibility on your campaign and website and/or landing page. A high conversion rate will generate a lower cost-per-conversion which allows you to get more sales for less budget and truly generate the maximum return on investment.
Ad management
There are hundreds of different things within a campaign that should be consistently optimized in order to maximize your budget. Having your campaign managed by a certified expert saves you time and money... plus, generates the highest return on investment.

Plus, Ad Credits allow you to use powerful licensed ad copy...

By using Ad Credits, you get an unlimited licence to use our trademarked and trusted ad copy in your ads and on your website such as "Top Rated Local™", "Top Rated National™", "Top Rated eCommerce™", "Speedy Fast Quote™", "Speedy Fast™ Rates", Speedy Fast™ Service" and more! By using these trust building phrases which include the eye catching registered symbol in your ads and call-to-actions you're able to achieve a higher click-through-rate (clickability) and conversion rate (convertibility) on your overall campaign which generates a much higher return on investment. Your own Top Rated Local™ (National or eCommerce) account profile is included as part of being a Marketing 360™ advertiser which allows you to control your brand's reputation online and build ratings and reviews from verified local, national or eCommerce customers. This validates your trusted ad copy and further increases your overall conversion rate. In addition, this gives you a competitive advantage over non-Marketing 360™ advertisers as if they attempted to use the same ad copy without a license their ads will be disapproved by Google. Learn more about our Top Rated Local™ program.

Lastly, Ad Credits include the team you need to manage winning campaigns...

Included with Ad Credits you get dedicated Marketing Success Manager (who's highly trained and experienced with digital ad management), a certified Ad Specialist team (to make sure everything is setup correctly, tracking correctly and fully optimized) and a professional design team (responsible for the design of all your ads and landing pages). Today, with multi-channel advertising, it takes a dedicated and talented team to drive success. It's not something that can be skipped. Hiring an in-house team of equal caliber to what's included with Marketing 360™ Ad Credits would be at least 10K/mo in payroll alone. So the beauty of Ad Credits is the dedicated talent/team is included at no additional cost!

Ad Credit allocation model

Monthly Ad Credits
($1 per credit)
51% of Ad Credits Invested in Media Buy 49% of Ad Credits Invested in Campaign Optimization & Management Estimated Monthly Hours Invested in Campaign Optimization & Management
(Marketing Executive, Ad Specialist, Designer, Etc)
100 $51 $49 0.5
250 $128 $122 1
500 $255 $245 2
750 $382 $368 4
1,000 $510 $490 5
1,500 $765 $735 7
2,000 $1,020 $980 9
2,500 $1,275 $1,225 12
5,000 $2,550 $2,450 20
7,500 $3,825 $3,675 30
10,000 $5,100 $4,900 40

*Rates subject to change at any time in an effort to drive better results

**Need more than 10,000/mo? Ask about our enterprise pricing.

Effect of quality score on cost-per-click

Baseline Cost-Per-Click Quality Score Savings-Per-Click Cost-Per-Click
$10.00 10 54% $4.60
9 46% $5.40
8 37% $6.30
7 24% $7.60
6 8% $9.20
5 or less No Discount $10.00

Effect of conversion rate on cost-per-conversion

Clicks Cost-Per-Click Cost Conversion Rate Conversions Cost-Per-Conversion
1000 $1.00 $1,000.00 10% 100 $10.00
9% 90 $11.11
8% 80 $12.50
7% 70 $14.29
6% 60 $16.67
5% 50 $20.00
4% 40 $25.00
3% 30 $33.33
2% 20 $50.00
1% 10 $100.00

What percentage of your paid search budget should be allocated for campaign optimization & management time in order to drive the maximum return on investment for your budget?


Percentage of budget allocated for campaign optimization & management time

How much time should you invest on campaign optimization & management on a monthly basis to generate the maximum ROI on your paid search budget.


Monthly Paid Search Budget

Chiropractor advertising

Why does professional campaign optimization and management increase your return on investment?

  • Maximizes the visibility, clickability, and convertibility of your campaign
  • Reduces cost-per-conversion over time
  • Increases conversion rate over time
  • Protects against wasted and fraudulent clicks
  • Saves you time and money compared to doing it yourself or hiring in-house
  • Marketing 360™ platform identifies areas of improvement that a human could not
  • Media buy is allocated more to what's working and less to what's not over time
  • The list goes on...

Types of things we optimize

  • Impression Share (Visibility)

  • Click-Through-Rate (Clickability)
  • Conversion Rate (Convertibility)
  • Quality Score
  • Ad Copy (A/B Test)
  • Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Call-to-actions
  • Time of Day Ads Run
  • Ad Extensions
  • Ad Position
  • Mobile Ads
  • Cost-Per-Conversion
  • A/B Testing Landing Pages
  • Retargeting Banner Designs
  • And More!

We are consistently 15% to 30% more cost effective with your paid search budget than some of our well known competitors.

Revenue and conversion rate increase over time

Conversion data from the first 90 days of using the program compared to the conversion data from the next 90 days while maintaining the same marketing budget

After four months, conversion rates went up from 0.76% to 4.09% and CPA went down from $92.00 to just $14.41

Period comparison of ad performance before and after Marketing 360™

Period Avg. Position CTR Conversion Cost per Conversion Conversion Rate
4 month period prior to Marketing 360® 3 0.33% 5 $184.77 0.21%
2 month period after using Marketing 360® 1.2 2.15% 19 $57.59 2.46%

Marketing 360™ Paid Ads program dominates a brand's old Google Ads campaign

Metric Brand's Adwords Campaigns Brand's Paid Ads Campaign
CTR 2.13% 3.00%
Avg. CPC $0.45 $0.32
Avg. Position 2.1 1.8
Impression Share 49.23% 83.98%
Conversions 30 47
Conversion Rate 1.78% 5.32%
Cost per Conversion $25.16 $5.66

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